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Mango Shrikhand

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Nutra-Vita Shrikhand (Sweetened Yogurt)

Shrikhand?is a traditional sweet of the Indian subcontinent made from strained yogurt. It is often served as part of a thali (Platter) or with Puries. It is a traditional desert in Gujarati and Marathi cuisine.

History: Both Gujaratis and Maharashtrians claim the invention of Shrikhand. According to a popular legend, shrikhand was invented by traveling herders. To carry their yogurt more easily while traveling overnight, they strained out its whey. Since the strained yogurt became sour by morning, they mixed it with sugar and nuts to make it more palatable, and shrikhand was born.

According to food historian K. T. Achaya, shrikhand was first made around 500 BC. His book Indian Food: ‘A Historical Companion’ states, “To dewater curd, it was hung in a muslin bag for few hours; sugar and spices added to the mass yielded shikharini (identical with modern day shrikhand), first noted around 500 BC. The 11th century Kannada poet Chavundaraya II gave a recipe for shrikhand (as shikharini) in his book on agriculture, ‘The Lokopakara’ The Soopa Shastra, a cookbook written in 1508 by the Jain king Mangarasa III, also mentions shrikhand.

We Freeze Dry variety of Shrikhand flavours. The advantage of Freeze-Dried Shrikhand will tempt you to buy immediately.

Currently we offer following popular flavours:

Standard Packing Mango Elaichi Cadbury Badam Kaju Venila Oreo American Dry Fruit Rajbhog
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  1. Fresh Shrikhand has a very limited shelf life. We must keep in in the Refrigerator all the time and even then, it will lose its original taste and flavour.
  2. Freeze Dried Shrikhand has unlimited shelf life if not exposed to moisture. And most importantly not required to be stored in Refrigerator.
  3. After freeze-dried foods are re-hydrated, it is comparable to fresh Shrikhand you might Replace in the freezer section of your grocery store. Since freeze-dried ?Shrikhand re-hydrates well and taste much like fresh cheese, you will enjoy the taste of fresh Shrikhand,
  4. Fresh appearance.Freeze-dried Shrikhand is first flash frozen and then has the moisture removed so it maintains much of their original shape, texture, and appearance, taste and aroma.
  5. Fresh taste.Freeze-dried Shrikhand is not dried via heat processing, so it retains more of the aroma and flavor of the original food. The freeze-drying process also maintains most of the original food?s nutritional content. Freeze-drying simply removes the water, not the flavor.
  6. Low storage weight.Freeze-dried Shrikhand has approximately 96 percent of its water removed, resulting in foods that typically weigh 90 percent less than the original weight. The freeze-drying process results in foods that are exceptionally light. This makes the food easy to package, transport, and store. For this reason, freeze-dried Shrikhand is excellent for your camping and travelling.
  7. Variety You can keep in your kitchen.Usually we have to buy fresh Shrikhand from the market and store it in the refrigerator, which may remain good for 8 to 10 days. Nutra-Vita offers Shrikhand in six different variety which all you can keep at home and ready to use whenever you wish.

How to rehydrate Freeze-Dried Shrikhand:

All Freeze Dried Shrikhand are in Powder form packed in reusable PET bottles. It is very simple to rehydrate Nutra-Vita Shrikhand by following these steps.
1. Take out required quantity of Shrikhand Powder in a bowl.
2. Add about thirty present or one third warm drinking water in the bowl.
3. Mix it rigorously for 5 to 7 minutes or till it becomes a thick homogeneous paste.
4. Stove it in the refrigerator to set and rehydrate it properly.
5. Delicious Shrikhand is ready to serve. Should be good for 3 to 4 days.
Ingredients; Strained Yogurt, Sugar, Nuts, kesar, Cardamom and permitted flavours.

Disclaimer:?This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Physician advice must be taken in the case of infants, pregnancy, or lactating mothers.

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