It is a well-known fact that the quality of the finished product will largely depend on the raw material. Hence the process starts with selecting the source of raw material.

Our location is our biggest advantage. We are located in South Gujarat which is the most fertile land in the whole of the country with the ideal weather conditions, the best fruits, vegetables, herbs grow in this belt and are available in abundance. As a matter of fact, farmers and cooperatives from this region export huge quantities of these items. Sourcing of best items and getting them almost at our doorstep is our biggest plus point.

Selection of Raw Material: There are thousands of products which can be freeze dried for various applications and needs. Whenever our client demands particular product we have an expert team of consultants who are well experienced and very resourceful. They will search and identify the best product available. The best products are sourced after due verification and they are transported to our facility with utmost care under the controlled environment.

Raw Material Processing: These products are checked physically to make sure that there are healthy and of good quality. Then these products are thoroughly washed several times to remove all contaminants and finally by bacteria free high- RO water. Products are then made ready by either slicing, peeling as the need be before placing it in the Deep Freezer. High Quality Stainless Steel trays are autoclaved before the products are placed in the tray.

Processing: At every stage of a process all standards are observed to prevent any possibilities of contamination. All batches of finished products are tested in the in-house laboratory and random samples are also sent to the independent laboratory.

Packing: Freeze Dried products are very prone to moisture.  Hence packing is most important. The packing is most important and is done. All products are packed in high-quality material for the longest shelf life.

We believe in quality and have endeavored our best to produce the best products. We also have taken utmost care at every step.