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DEVAM’S Cow Colostrum Powder 150g

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DEVAM’S Spray Dried Cow Colostrum Powder:

Bovine Cow’s colostrum is a milky fluid that comes from the udder of cows the first few days after giving birth, before true milk appears. This fluid contains proteins called antibodies. These antibodies may fight bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Antibody levels in bovine colostrum can be 100 times higher than levels in regular cow’s milk. Researchers have created a special type of bovine colostrum called “hyperimmune bovine colostrum.” This special colostrum is produced by cows that have received vaccinations against specific disease-causing organisms and is high is specific kinds of antibodies. Bovine colostrum is mostly used for diarrhea and other infections.

How does it work?

Bovine colostrum is high in nutrients and antibodies. Hyperimmune bovine colostrum is collected from cows that have been vaccinated to produce specific antibodies that fight the bacteria that cause diarrheal disease. These antibodies appear in the colostrum that is collected as medicine. These cow antibodies will help fight human disease.

DEVAM’S Cow colostrum is rich in micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, its claimed health benefits are mostly linked to specific protein compounds, which include Lactoferrin, Growth Factors and antibodies. Since bovine colostrum is loaded with nutrients that fight disease and promote growth, it might be able to boost immunity, treat infections and other large number of benefits in humans of all ages.


How to use: Mix Two teaspoonful of DEVAM’S Cow Colostrum powder in a glass of warm or cold milk or water. Stir well till the entire quantity is dissolved. Dosage: Twice daily or as recommended by the doctor.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or disorder.  Physician’s advice must be taken in the case of infants, pregnancy, or lactating mothers.


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