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DEVAM’S Jamun Powder 200g

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We are a modern Food Processing Unit producing Freeze-Dried Milk Powder, Dairy Products like all types of Cheese, Tofu, Shrikhand, vegetables, Fruits etc. We also have in our range a variety of spices, and Herbs. All DEVAM?S Products are 100% pure and do not contain any preservatives and/or additives.

DEVAM?S JAMUN powder is made from the best quality Jamun (Blue Berry) Fruits. All DEVAM?S products are most hygienically produced and packed for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Currently the Jamun Powder is a available in standard 200g packing in PET Bottle. Cat No. DJMP-200

B2B and larger packing, Private labeling available.


Jamun Powder is known to provide relief in the case of diabetes, dysentery, bowel spasms and flatulence. The product contains pure Jamun powder which is known to be helpful in preventing many cardiovascular diseases and promotes a healthy digestive system.


Ingredients:?Dried Jamun (Black Berry) fruits


How to consume:?Take 3 g to 5 g ?of DEVAM?S Jamun Powder and mix it in warm or cold water. Stir it well and consume it twice a day.


For aroma/taste in Juice or milk shake or icecream or smoothiies add directly in required quantity.


You can also sprinkle DEVAM?S Jamun Powder in variety of cold dishes for flavour and aroma.


Disclaimer:?This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Physician advice must be taken in the case of infants, pregnancy, or lactating mothers.


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